You may have lots of experience about buying human hair lace wigs. However, can you really tell the difference between Remy hair and virgin hair? I think many readers are confused. Now, let me show the details of Remy hair and virgin hair.

As you know, many websites show you remy hair can be virgin hair and virgin hair can be remy hair. In fact, remy hair is not always virgin hair.

Virgin hair is uspletely unprocessed. To qualify as virgin hair, it must meet rigorous standards including: 

1. never permed,
2. never dyed,
3. never colored,
4. never bleached,
5. never chemically processed in any way.

Virgin hair is collected from a single donor (maybe Chinese hair, Indian hair, wigs for women) whose hair is uspletely natural and unprocessed ever. And the cuticles of virgin human hair are intact. This translates to smooth, tangle free hair. However, this also means that more work is required in order to maintain the look and feel of the hair.

Now, let’s talk about remy hair. Remy hair is considered to be the high quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and running in the same direction. You will also get that natural look because the hair is going the direction it is supposed to (unlike other bundles or weaves).  Finally, remy hair tends to last longer because the cuticle is still intact, unlike non-remy weaves where the hair has been cut and can be in different directions.  When the hair is not in the right direction, brushing causes more friction and the hair doesn't last as long as a result.

We can tell Virgin hair and Remy hair according to the following 3 differences:

1. Color When it uses to virgin hair, as it is 100% natural and has not been damaged by dyeing, perming or bleaching, it usually provide a natural sleek look without dullness, and the hair root may be darker than the hair tip. For the remy hair, the whole hair color are basically the same. However, this method just be useful for the uncolored hair.
2.Touch Generally speaking, when you touch the virgin hair from the root to the tip, just like the feeling of touching the fish from head to the tail, so it is much smoother than the remy hair. On the other hand, as the remy hair have been processed before, it will be softer than the virgin hair.
3.Thickness Apart from see the color and touch the hair, you also can see the hair’s thickness. For the virgin hair, the hair root will be much thicker than the hair tip.

Anyway, virgin hair is the best quality of hair which is known to last for over a year with proper care, but it’s more expensive than the remy hair. You can buy our virgin (unprocessed) hair, our remy hair or our virgin hair with the cuticle intact and all strands facing the same direction. Sunwell wigs give you the best quality in virgin and remy hair so you can have that natural look with every bundle or wig you buy from Sunwell wigs.