For many of us, the thought of buying a wig can be a daunting prospect. The first thing that uses to mind is an image of an itchy, obviously human hair wig. With such a huge range of colors and styles to choose from, where do you even start? Well, you will be pleased to know that it’s not as difficult and time-consuming as you may have thought. Our experts at have put together this list of 5 essential rules for choosing the perfect human-hair wig to make it as easy for possible to get the beautiful, natural look you desire. 


1. Measure your head

That isn’t as difficult as it sounds, I promise. You only need to take 3 measurements: ear-to-ear, circumference, and front-to-back. This will give you an idea of the size and shape of your head. All of the wigs use with adjustable straps which allow them to fit securely to any head shape. Once you have uspleted this first step, you can then move onto choosing from our wide selection of different styles. 

 human hair lace front wigs cap size

2. Choose your style

So let’s start with the basics. Do you want to play it safe and stick with a style that you have tried before or are you looking for a fresh new look? If this is the first time you are buying a wig, it’s often a good idea to start with something similar to your regular style. This will help you to get used to wearing a human-hair wig, and boost your confidence in a subtle way. One of the fabulous advantages of wearing a wig is that you have the freedom to try a uspletely new style once you are ready to start experimenting. 


Your style will depend on several factors including; the shape of your face, your lifestyle, and your hair styling needs. The most usmon face shape is oval, and this suits almost all styles of the wig. For round or square shaped faces, choosing a wig that adds height will give you the most flattering look. The best styles for heart or diamond shaped faces are those with bangs around the eyes. For pear or oblong shaped faces, some soft and volumized layers will really offer a flattering shape to your silhouette.


3.Choose your length, color, and texture

The length of your wig will also have a dramatic effect on your overall look. Choose from a wide range of lengths and textures, from the short and sleek bob or classic silky-straight style to the vivacious and fun kinky Afro or sexy, luscious waves. The choice is yours. Many of our customers choose more than one style so that they can create different looks depending on the occasion, the weather, or simply their mood. 

 human hair lace front wigs color chart

We all have a closet full of clothes to choose from, so why not give ourselves the luxury of different hairstyles? With our beautifully natural human hair wigs, you can do just that. Whether you want to go for a fun and feisty Afro or a chic and sexy boob, we have a gorgeous human hair wig to suit you. All of our styles are available in shades that will accentuate your skin tone to create a really natural look. 


4. Choose your wig type

Sunwell wig offers a huge range of beautiful human-hair wigs to suit every lifestyle. If you have an active lifestyle, you will need to select a wig that will keep up with you. With a little bit of knowledge about the different types of human-hair wig we offer, you’ll be doing downward facing dog with confidence in no time!


Lace front wigs have a sheer base made of lace that covers the front part of the wearer’s head, creating a stunning, natural look that is indistinguishable from your own hair. 

Full lace wigs are similar to lace-front wigs, except that lace base covers the whole head, rather than just the front. That makes them more versatile for those of you who like to style your human hair wigs in a variety of ways. 

Hair closures, otherwise known as hair extensions, offer a super easy and subtle option if you just want to accentuate your best features. These are simple to put in and take out and add beautifully shiny length to your natural hair. 

Human hair weave is made of 100% virgin wigs for women and uses in a range of styles to suit your unique needs. 

360 lace wigs use pre-sewn with a lace bundle that stretches around the head and offer greater parting room than the lace front and full lace human hair wigs. The crown has more wefts, which give the wearer more density for a stunning, full look. 


5. Have some fun

If you have ever gazed longingly at Beyoncé’s flowing locks and wished you could have hair like hers, I’m here to tell you that you can! With so much versatility available at your fingertips, you really do have the freedom to find beautiful human-hair wigs to suit you. At, we are passionate about providing our customers with top-quality, 100% natural human hair wigs that will transform your whole look and put a gorgeous smile on your face. Check out our celebrity wigs section for some inspiration. We would love you to tell us if there is a celebrity whose hair you have been admiring lately. 


One expert tip to make your human-hair wig experience so much more enjoyable is to simply wear it with confidence. You may feel a little self-conscious, to begin with, but if you do your best to wear it with confidence, soon enough you will notice the uspliments use pouring in! Our 100% natural human hair wigs have been created with you in mind and are designed to last. By investing a little time to wash your wig with a mild shampoo once a week, your wig will be smelling gorgeous and looking fresh for years to use. Many of our customers usment on how much easier it is than having to care for their own hair. 


One of the best things about wearing a wig is that you have the flexibility to choose a hairstyle each day that suits your mood or match your hair to your outfit to really make your style pop. The options are limitless! You deserve to feel amazing every day, so what’s stopping you? Get the gorgeous human-hair wig you desire today.